SECOND SUNDAY: (A) Mt 17:1–9; (B) Mk 9:2–10; (C) Lk 9:28b–36

Scripture says God is alive and active in our lives. But we might argue, “My life is too ordinary for God to be part of it.” Tell that to Peter, James, and John. What is God calling you to do?


MONDAY: Dn 9:4b–10; Lk 6:36–38

Daniel prays a national act of contrition. What are our national sins: racism, abortion, violence, consumerism, sexism, individualism? Confess your collaboration in these injustices.


TUESDAY: Is 1:10, 16–20; Mt 23:1–12

A woman said she stopped coming to church because there are too many hypocrites there. The pastor said gently, “Don’t let that stop you. There’s always room for one more!” Walk humbly with God today.


WEDNESDAY: Jer 18:18–20; Mt 20:17–28

According to Jesus, the one who serves is the greatest. Give someone a break today through one small act of kindness—at home, work, the store, or on the road.


THURSDAY: Jer 17:5–10; Lk 16:19–31

Jeremiah says the person of faith is “a tree planted beside the waters.” Thank God for waters that nourish your faith—the Eucharist, Scripture, prayer, service, friends, nature, pets. Revel in one of them today.


FRIDAY: Gn 37:3–4, 12–13a, 17b–28a; Mt 21:33–43, 45–46

The Bible is populated with scoundrels as well as saints. Incredibly, God uses mixed-up and messy lives to bring about good. Be patient with all that’s messy in life.


SATURDAY: Mi 7:14–15, 18–20; Lk 15:1–3, 11–32

We say God sees all. But God is also full of love and mercy, overlooking some things. This is a lesson of the prodigal son parable? Overlook something today—out of love and mercy.