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FIFTH SUNDAY: (A) Jn 11:1–45; (B) Jn 12:20–33; (C) Jn 8:1–11

Jesus weeps. He is one of us, we say. Then he raises Lazarus. He is unlike anyone we know, we say. The truth is that Jesus is both. He’s worthy of our friendship and awe. Pray the name of Jesus throughout the day.


MONDAY: Dn 13:1–9, 15–17, 19–30, 33–62; (A and B) Jn 8:1–11; (C) Jn 8:12–20

Jesus says, “Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone.” Stones can be hateful words, hurtful criticism, gossip. Don’t throw any stones today.


TUESDAY: Nm 21:4–9; Jn 8:21–30

The Israelites looked upon the serpent mounted on a pole and received life. We look upon Jesus mounted on the cross and we, too, receive life. Gaze upon a crucifix today.


WEDNESDAY: Dn 3:14–20, 91–92, 95; Jn 8:31–42

The gift of freedom is given so we may love. The better we love, the freer we are—even if we’re confined to a bed or prison cell. Jesus invites us to greater freedom. Accept his invitation. Love.


THURSDAY: Gn 17:3–9; Jn 8:51–59

Communication is hard work. Even Jesus experienced difficulties communicating with religious leaders and his disciples. Practice good communication skills today. Really listen.


FRIDAY: Jer 20:10–13; Jn 10:31–42

Jesus said, “The Father is in me and I am in the Father.” He demonstrated this oneness by word and deed. Cooperate with God's grace today through some word or deed.


SATURDAY: Ez 37:21–28; Jn 11:45–56

We would never plot to destroy Jesus, yet we can reduce his teachings to a platitude: just be nice. How am I working for a more just world, the kind Jesus dreamed about and died for?