THIRD SUNDAY: (A) Jn 4:5–42; (B) Jn 2:13–25; (C) Lk 13:1–9

The woman at the well gives Jesus water. He gives her living water of truth and love. Reverence the precious resource of water today. Share your truth and love with another.


MONDAY: 2 Kgs 5:1–15ab; Lk 4:24–30

We sometimes take for granted people from our own neck of the woods. The Nazarenes did this and missed out on Jesus. Who in my neighborhood, workplace, parish, or family am I missing out on?


TUESDAY: Dn 3:25, 34–43; Mt 18:21–35

When we say we’re sorry, we admit our failings and guilt. Do we need to apologize to God or anyone else for anything? Lent is a time to mend bridges.


WEDNESDAY: Dt 4:1, 5–9; Mt 5:17–19

Moses tells the people to pass on their faith to the next generations. We do this by making our faith part of our identity and living it joyfully. Pass on your faith today.


THURSDAY: Jer 7:23–28; Lk 11:14–23

Guilt isn’t all bad. If we throw out food while others go hungry and our lives are so cluttered we leave little time for God, perhaps we should feel guilty. Let guilt spur you to caring action.


FRIDAY: Hos 14:2–10; Mk 12:28–34

We tend to separate things: God/neighbor, sacred/secular, spirit/flesh. Jesus lived life seamlessly—loving God is loving neighbor; lilies and birds reveal God’s love; touch is a holy thing. Live your life more seamlessly.


SATURDAY: Hos 6:1–6; Lk 18:9–14

It’s dangerous to be a religious person. Like the Pharisee, we can become self-righteous and look down on others. At Lent’s halfway point, ask God for genuine respect for everyone. Every one.